Sewing plans

Kestrel Finds and Makes wrote an interesting blog post about how to plan your sewing. Usually I am a great planner, I love having lists and generally being organised about things (drives my family crazy) but this post highlighted quite how little thought I’ve put into my sewing so far.  Most of the things I have sewn have been at a bit of a whim; I see something I like and I go for it.  I suspect that sewing (and knitting) are two areas of my life which I enjoy because I don’t plan them and can be spontaneous.  Having said that I can see that I am in danger of having a cupboard full of hand made skirts and nothing to wear them with if I’m not careful.

I’ve built up a bit of a pile of unused patterns (you only make savings on Vogue pattern sales if you buy enough to make the postage worth while – right?) and various bits of fabric which might or might not go with them.

I also have a number of things which are half made and which I fully intend to finish off but at present are sitting in the to do pile:

  • Jasmine blouse – need to work on the fitting issues
  • Cowl neck smart wool dress for work – needs some serious hand sewing to get the lining in
  • Burda triangle dress – pattern traced out and ready to go (ok this doesn’t count as half made but I really want to get on with it)
  • Red beignet skirt – actually this one is almost done

I am also conscious that there is a lot to learn and some basics that I’d really like to get to grips with.  For example:

  • Linings – I can’t understand why more patterns don’t have linings. So far I’ve tried to make it up as I go along but with varying degrees of success – I really need to make a pattern which includes a lining so I can feel confident about what I am doing in future.
  • Sleeves – I need a lot more practice at putting in sleeves. I know the theory but I still end up catching the gathers in badly.
  • Bodice fitting – I’m getting reasonably good at fitting skirts but I tend to shy away from  making things with bodices because I have trouble with the fitting.  Again I suspect this is down to practice.

So my “plan” for July and August but may be extended (due to my slowness at sewing everything) is:

  • Finish the half made stuff
  • Make a dress out of the gorgeous Marc Jacob’s silk I bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago.
  • Make a top or a dress with a fitted bodice – I’ll choose the pattern when I find it!
  • Plus allow for some spontaneity

What do you think? Am I being too ambitious or not ambitious enough?

Actually the real question is  – will I stick to the plan or make something completely different?


6 thoughts on “Sewing plans

  1. Don’t beat yourself up, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t stick to the plan. I’m also a compulsive list maker, and I even make lists of what I’m going to sew, then completely ignore the list when something captures my imagination. It’s a great list, i look forwards to seeing the results, but if it’s completely different to the list, then that’s OK too. Don’t forget to enjoy the process

  2. I like to make lists too -but only little lists – huge ones seem overwhelming to me. It is then satisfying to cross something off even if it takes ages. Your list seems just right to me – doable but not overwhelming . Completing some things and also learning , improving on techniques. Good Luck.

  3. Oh I’m with you on lists which I can’t seem to find in my sewing life but keep me on the ball in real life. I now have a pin board to be hung behind the SM so that should help perhaps. Perhaps. Its a plan anyway don’t you think?

    On finding new techniques, like inserting linings, the internet and sewing books/mags are my first ports of call. I just Bing’d ‘sewing a dress lining’ and got loads of blogs, picture and video tutorials etc so give that a try and you’ll be amazed at what you can find.

    To get you started, I’ve emailed you some of the blogs etc with tutorials that I wouldn’t be without…

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