Another Beignet

While I think about how to fit my Jasmine blouse (read “it’s been put into the too difficult box for now”) I have decided to make another Beignet skirt. This one will be made out of the red fabric above which came from Ikea  – I know it’s furnishing fabric but I think it will lend itself to the pattern.  It will be lined with a pretty, cotton poplin floral print bought from Raystitch in Islington.  I spent a long time looking at buttons and eventually decided to give self-covered buttons a go – they always look neat and have the advantage of being cheap; 12 buttons is a lot when you have expensive tastes.

The pattern calls for twill tape, I’m not sure what this is (and neither was the assistant in Raystitch) but I bought the tape above which I hope will fulfil the same purpose.

Before I start making the skirt I want to trace all the pieces I altered last time and create a new set of pieces which have been altered to my fit.  This should make it easier to make the pattern again (I fancy a denim one for winter).


2 thoughts on “Another Beignet

  1. Thank you – I love red and I love wearing lots of reds together so I’m looking forward to finishing this skirt.

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