Today’s frustrations:

1) My laptop isn’t working due to a software update from Apple; all I get is a grey screen with lots of code and the word “panic” used several times. I’ve spent half the day on the phone to Apple getting it sorted out.

2) My iron blew a fuse knocking out all the sockets in the flat and causing the Internet connection to go down in the middle of downloading the fix Apple had sent me.

3) I missed the train this evening by 30 seconds and had to spent half an hour on Lewisham station waiting for the next one (actually this is traditional).

4) Worst of all I have found that my nice stripy fabric which I am going to make a Jasmine blouse out of has been printed slightly off kilter so the stripes won’t match exactly


Some days are just like that. Back to normal tomorrow I hope.


2 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. Bugger. Sounds like you have had an um, interesting day. Hope the next train wasn’t too full :o), the iron wasn’t khaput (I’d like a new one) and the laptop takes it medicine when you can get it installed. Hmmmm about the fabric – its cute though.

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