I Love My New Skirt!

I’m wearing the skirt with the Manu cardigan (from Kate Davies of Needled) I knitted a couple of years ago

I knew this would be good the moment I spotted the grey herringbone linen in Cloth House; it has such a lovely feel, and the funky orange buttons from Knit and Yarn in Bungay were just crying out to be teamed with it.

The pattern is Beignet from Colette.  The Colette standard woman is clearly a different shape from me; she has wider hips (or more probably a smaller waist) that start much lower than mine.  I had the same issues with the Clover pattern and after 5 muslins I gave up!  I had several goes at fitting this skirt too but with a much better result.

The buttons are larger than those specified in the pattern.  I realised this would cause a problem after I had made the skirt so I ended up by ripping off the two fronts and cutting new ones 3/8″ wider than the originals to compensate.  Fortunately (?) the pattern fabric requirements were so overly generous I had enough to make a second skirt had I wanted to.

I thought the most difficult bit would be to sew the curve where the lining meets the facing inside the two fronts, but actually this went reasonably well (both times!).  I was also very sceptical about my machine’s ability to handle the button holes but it defied my expectations and didn’t gobble the skirt up as I had fully expected it to do.  The hardest part in the end turned out to be making the belt loops.  I know this should have been really simple but sometimes my machine refuses to work with small pieces of fabric and this was one of those times!  Also for the life of me I couldn’t turn them inside-out as the pattern specified.  In the end I botched them together as neatly as I could.

Lastly I should show you the secret inside!  I love unexpected linings.

Sorry about the creases in the photos  – I have been wearing the skirt all morning.  I tend to consider creases in linen as acceptable!


12 thoughts on “I Love My New Skirt!

  1. Hey this looks fab with the orange lining and wonderful buttons. Congrats on the button holes too, I have found my machine does them fairly well too, my lack of skill notwithstanding!

    PS un-crinkled linen means un-worn garment, so rock them crinkles I say.

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