Finished at last!

So here it is at last – my pencil skirt – subject of many hours of blood, sweat, tears and blogging.

The pattern is Burda 109 from November 2011, modified for a simpler waist band and no front pleats.  Previous posts detail the problems I had fitting and I think it worked out well in the end.

The fabric came from Borovick fabrics in Berwick Street and is a lusciously soft cashmere mix herring bone tweed.  I added a lining (nothing special just from John Lewis) and reinforced the front vents. 

If I am being totally honest with myself I am not completely happy with the finish on the inside (no I’m not going to show you!). I got a bit bored with it towards the end and didn’t really finish the seams as well as I could have.

I think this will be a useful skirt for work next winter and now I know how to fit the skirt I may make others using the same pattern


2 thoughts on “Finished at last!

  1. Hey it looks great Jane and the fabric looks very luxy and soft. I think it worked out great ,even if you’re not so happy with the inside. Who’s going to know but you?

  2. Thank you. Yes I’m quite pleased with it. It’s only the perfectionist in me that’s annoyed about the inside!

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