What should I do with this fabric?

Last year, around the time I started sewing, I bought this fabric from the V&A website.  It is a very pretty reprint of a Horrocks fabric, not as stiff as a quilting cotton but not as fine as a  lawn.

I had thought to use it for a skirt but when it arrived I discovered that the stripes are horizontal not vertical.  Internet shopping doesn’t always get you what you want; I couldn’t quite see myself wearing a skirt with horizontal stripes (although a lot of the Horrocks’s dresses were made with horizontal stripes).  The V&A kindly offered to refund me the cost of the fabric but I thought it was nice enough to keep for something else.  The question is what?

I’m thinking of Jasmine by Colette patterns which is very pretty, much prettier than my usual style.  It is also cut on the bias which would mean the stripes would form a chevron across the top.

What do you think?  Should I try this pattern or do you have any better suggestions?

P.S. I see the V&A have the same fabric in a pretty lavender colour way on special offer at the moment


2 thoughts on “What should I do with this fabric?

  1. And it is summer so either the skirt idea or the very pretty Jasmine would be lovely. Sorry I don’t have any brilliant ideas, other than using the V&A fabric with another block colour to break up the stripes. This could be fab for a panel skirt or one with a good sized yoke. Yellow piping perhaps or trim anyway.

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