Pink flowery top

I haven’t blogged about much sewing recently, not that I haven’t been doing any but I seem to have three projects on the go and as I’m so slow none of them are near worth blogging about.

I did, however, run up a top out of an Indian block print fabric from Cloth House and some pink bias binding from McCulloch and Wallis. The pattern is Sorbetto from Colette with sleeves from Sew Incidentally.

The fabric is lovely, quite a thick cotton which almost feels like a linen. Although the colours in the fabric are mauve and red the hot pink bias binding sets it off perfectly.

Once I had printed and cut out the pattern (my printer took forever grrrr) it was relatively quick and easy to put together.

I have a few fit issues which I will look at if I get around to making another one: the shoulders need widening slightly and the armscye is a little on the tight side. It could also do with being a bit longer. Untucked it hits me at a rather unflattering point.

Overall I am quite pleased with this top. Summer has finally arrived in London and after sitting on a hot tube I still felt relatively smart.


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