Burda June 2012

I spotted the June edition of Burda through our local newsagents window this week, once again it’s turned up earlier than I expected.

I have an awful lot of unfinished and unstarted projects in the pipeline so it’s probably a good thing that there isn’t a huge amount that I particularly like this month.  I’ve noticed that several other bloggers have raved about jacket 121, with good reason, although I am not totally convinced this picture does it justice.  I like the fit of the jacket and the asymmetric front with the buttons running at an angle up towards the shoulder.

I also thought blouse 125 was very pretty with lots of feminine details.  I particularly liked the little ties on the shoulders and the ruffles down the front.  The light, white fabric and the khaki shorts make it pretty without being too girly.

In the plus size section I thought this tomboyish skirt (144) would be useful, although again I am not sure the picture does it justice.

I can imagine this being quite stylish in an understated sort of way if it were well fitted (I think it looks a bit big on this model) with something like a vest top.

Lastly there is a bubble skirt (123)  which personally I think looks cheap and unflattering in the the magazine (so it’s probably a good thing I can’t find a picture on the internet!). However I did wonder whether with the right fabric you could use this pattern to make something like this  skirt from All Saints. What do you think?

What did you think of this months magazine. Where there any other garments you particularly liked?


4 thoughts on “Burda June 2012

  1. Gosh I wonder why NZ gets Burda so much later. I think it takes 3 months to get onto shelves here, though that does make it nearer to the season for which the styles are intended! I could look online at the previews at the BS site but then I just have to wait ages to get the mag anyway.

    I like the white blouse too and would wear it a bunch.

  2. I was in Auckland in January and stalked several newsagents in my hunt for Burda only to find that the latest copy was one I had, had several months before hand. I really don’t understand why it should take so long to get to you but as you say it does mean it’s nearer to your season.

  3. I would really like to make the jacket to see if it turnes out as good as I hope, but I also have so many started or planned projects that need to be finished first. Btw, Burdastyle.de publishes full preview of all models ca. 2 weeks before the magazine is on the shelves (in Europe 🙂 ), and directly after when it’s out, you can download all the new models from their website. It’s more expensive, but then again if you like only one model in the whole magazine, it’s more cost efficient and much faster!

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