Digitally Printed Fabrics

Has anyone else been drooling over the digitally printed dresses that seem to have been in all the shops over the last couple of seasons? This one on the left is from Ted Baker and is probably my favourite. I love the subtle way the print has been blurred with the colour running into the top.

Another Ted Baker dress, this time with a sensational print which at first looks abstract until you see the butterflies:

Whistles  and Reiss also have lovely digital prints (sorry I couldn’t work out how to put the photos on the blog).  and these humming birds can be found in Monsoon

I visited Our Patterned Hand in Broadway Market yesterday and they had a very small collection of fabulous Italian digital prints however this is the only place I have seen them for sale.

Do you like these fabrics?  Do you know where they can be bought?

Incidentally am I the only person that goes into Ted Baker just to look at their lining fabrics? And where do they get them from?

Late update you might be interested in this article from February’s Guardian


2 thoughts on “Digitally Printed Fabrics

  1. I adore these fabrics, but haven’t seen any locally to me yet. Tessuti has some, although often in a sheer which I don’t really like working with. I agree Ted Baker uses some fantastic prints.

    • I’ve just had a look at the Tessuti shop on line, you are right they have lovely prints although mainly in sheer fabrics. I’m not sure I can justify to myself ordering fabric to be sent from Australia to the UK!

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