Inspired by Catherine Daze I thought I would use today to start making Burda 117a 02/2012 using some grey jersey from Cloth House in Berwick St.  Unfortunately they were out of the wool jersey I had originally had in mind for the dress but sold me some polyamide jersey which felt very similar.  It was quite a stable jersey so should have been perfect.

The instructions were to wash it by hand which I duly did. When it had dried I was a bit surprised to find it much thicker and fluffier than the original piece of cloth but I thought I would go ahead and try making the dress anyway.  On laying out the fabric, however, I realised it had shrunk a bit; in fact it had shrunk a lot by 30cm nearly 20%!

Have you every come across this situation? Obviously I made a huge mistake in buying the polyamide jersey know but how would I have known what the best fabric to buy would have been?  If I had bought the wool jersey I originally wanted I would probably have dry cleaned it rather than worried about washing the fabric. Should I get all jersey fabrics dry cleaned in future?

**Update**  Brilliant service from Cloth House – I wrote to them yesterday explaining the problem and they responded early this morning with a promise to replace the fabric!


6 thoughts on “Shrunk!

  1. I buy everything a little longer than the pattern suggests and cold wash everything in the machine (including silk). Just make sure with natural fabrics to setup the machine for med (or low) spin and then line dry (for linen/ cotton, light iron the kinks out before putting it on the line). I’ve never had something shrink that much (for wool/ cotton jerseys the average is 5% along the length) so it’s good they’re replacing that for you!

  2. Gosh you are brave! I’ve always suspected silk could be washed but I haven’t tried it myself. In future I’ll give it a go.

    I went back to Cloth House today and they replaced my piece of fabric without any problems. They did say, however, that it was a wool mix & not just made out of polyamide, which is why it had felted.

  3. Oh no what a bugger about the shrinkage, but great that Cloth House did what they should. I too machine was everything I intend to machine wash when made up. I have to admit I don’t buy synthetics either other than for scarves – just don’t like the way they feel and don’t breathe. Boy, that sounds really picky!

    • Normally I’m equally picky…..and probably should go back to being so having had problems with the polyamide. If you are going to be spending a lot of time and effort making something I think you should use the best quality cloth you can afford which normally means a natural fibre.

  4. As theperfectnose suggest I, too, always buy more than enough fabric and jersey fabrics (unless they’re a wool-blend) is almost always machine-washable. I’ve sewn with jersey fabrics for almost 10 years and always washed the fabric and the made up garment in the machine. I’ve never experienced any trouble.
    I think a good ground rule must be to always pre-shrink fabric, at least if it’s possible in the machine. I don’t know what dry cleaning costs in the UK, but in Denmark it’s quite expensive.

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