May Burda

I’m a bit slow in getting round to this month’s Burda, possibly because although there are a lot of nice patterns, I’m not sure they would actually work for me.


A lot of people have picked out this pleated orange skirt, which is lovely but a bit shorter than I would want to wear. This lace skirt in the same issue is very similar but would possibly be a better length .  I’m not sure I like the styling (or the lace) in the picture but if you look at the line drawings the two skirts are almost identical. 

The clean and simple shape of this dress appealed to me.  I like the way the two pleats at the waist simply balance the wide shoulders.  The top of the dress is made out of leather which is interesting but I don’t think very practical or really something I would wear.

I also liked the use of a-symetric waist detailing on this pair of shorts and this skirt.  I suspect the skirt in particular could be very flattering on someone with a tiny waist.  As could my last choice which was this skirt with the pleated hip detail.

Did you like any of the patterns in this month’s issue, are you going to make any of them?


6 thoughts on “May Burda

  1. That pleated knit skirt is no 1 on my list and I am just waiting for my issue to come so I can try it in the remnant from my coral knit dress. Up until recently, I was a No Belts or Tucking In girl so I’m ambivalent about the waist-detail bottoms.

    • I love the idea of high waisted skirts with details drawing the eye to the smallest part of you, but in practice I don’t find them terribly flattering, probably because my waist is really not that tiny. I’d love to see your knit skirt when it’s finished, coral fabric sounds lovely.

  2. I liked quite a lot of the patterns but it seems to me that they are doing less patterns in larger sizes and the regular ones now only seem to go up to 44…it´s such a pain to trace them then alter them that I am losing heart with Burda and won´t be renewing my subscription 😦

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