Winter twisty skirt

In order to curb my impatience at not being able to wear my summer twisty skirt I decided to make a winter version:

I used a length of teal pin stripped wool suiting and some silk lining bought in Goldhawk Road.  The fabric was bought in an ambitious moment when I thought I could make something like a Vivienne Westwood philosophy skirt.  Clearly this is way beyond my  talent and although the twisty skirt is completely different the idea of using the stripes to accent the folds in the design appealed to me.

As with the previous skirt the pattern came from March Burda (128-03-2012).  Making two of the same design really makes tracing the pattern worthwhile.

In order to get the lining to sit correctly within the skirt I basted the tops of the front sections to the lining fabric before making the skirt up.  This meant I had quite a lot of hand sewing in order to make all the inner seams neat.  

This second photo is a pretty accurate representation of the colour.  Unfortunately the skirt is looking slightly the worse for wear;  I cycled to the cinema last night in it and got caught in a hail storm on the way so it could do with a bit of an iron!

I think I’ll wear this skirt a lot.  It’s warm and comfortable and quite a bit smarter than a lot of my winter skirts.


4 thoughts on “Winter twisty skirt

  1. Thankyou for your kind comment -it means alot – our friend was such a lovely man.
    ALso your twisty skirt is great – In Australia we are only up to January Burda so I haven`t seen this design. It is really unusual – I don`t think I have seen a pattern like this – twisty tops and twisty dresses , not twisty skirts! It looks really good – an interesting variation on just a plain A line. I can see why you wanted to make one to wear now.

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