Pencil skirt – fourth post

Remember the pencil skirt I blogged about here, here and here?

Well I had managed to get a reasonable fit around the sides and back of the skirt but had an unsightly pouch of fabric hanging around my tummy.  This seemed to be caused by a couple of pleats which Sheree, kindly, suggested I change into darts.

I tried this and it was reasonably succesful but didn’t entirely fix the problem.  The top of the skirt was much smoother than it was but I was still getting a bit of excess fabric across my belly.

So, I took out the zip, removed the waistband and unpicked the seams (again!) and this time removed the darts/pleats and smoothed the excess fabric into the side centre seams.

 There is still a little bagginess but I am reasonably happy with the result.  It’s not perfect but if I had tried the skirt on in a shop I would probably have bought it.

I now just need to sort out the lining and I’ll be finished.  Does anyone have any tips about how to reinforce the front vents?  I have a feeling I will be opening them up every time I wear the skirt if I’m not careful.


5 thoughts on “Pencil skirt – fourth post

  1. I wish I had pearls of wisdom for you but I don’t. Pencil skirt sewing is on my list of things to learn and do… So I have made a note of your alteration in case I need it when when.

    Looking good BTW!

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