April Burda

Is it me or has Burda come slightly early this month?  I normally reckon on finding in the newsagents from the 22nd but this month it appeared yesterday.  There aren’t a lot of things I will be making from this edition but there are a few pieces I like.

Firstly I thought this blouse (116B) looks very simple and appealing. I think it will go well under my work suits.  I’ve never made button holes before in anger so it will be good to learn.  If the pattern is as simple as it looks I can see myself making several of these.
Secondly I liked dress 128A.  I’m not sure about the a-symetric hem but I like the cowl neck. The same dress appears in beige as 128B but doesn’t look nearly as good.  I can’t really work out why one appeals to me but the other doesn’t but maybe the fit on the second one looks a little odd.  Either that or it’s just that I fancy another red dress!

The only other garment I liked was the Alberta Ferretti dress (147).  I love this drapey look and think it’s very  flattering.

Unfortunately I can’t imagine that I will make either of these dresses, they are lovely but aren’t really likely to get a lot of wear (at least not in my wardrobe!).

Which are your favourite items this month?


2 thoughts on “April Burda

  1. Yes I got mine yesterday too which seems a bit early, but I’m not complaining! I love the Ferretti dress and both the top and dress with the drapy tulip sleeves.

  2. My subscription issue came earlier that usual too. Nothing jumped out at me and said “you have to make me!” The bolero jacket is cute and has some interesting seaming. I like the drapy sleeves on the dress/top 115 B/A too. While the Ferretti dress is pretty, I have no where to wear it. So I have been making garments from past Burda issues.

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