Bats, Spots and a Golden Gown

One of the things I love about London is that there is always something to do. On Thursday my friend and I visited the Hayward Gallery and Tate Modern and then on Friday we went to the V&A.  We saw so much wonderful stuff it’s difficult to know how to condense into a single post but my favourites (in no particular order) were:

Jeremy Deller’s video showing bats leaving their cave.  It’s shown in 3D and it makes you feel as if the bats are swirling around you  and is absolutely mesmerising.  You can find it in the Joy in People exhibition at the Hayward Centre.

Brain Activity by David Shrigley (also at the Hayward) is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time.  If you haven’t come across David Shrigley you should have a look at the film he made for Pringle of Scotland

Yayoi Kasuma is a Japanese artist whose speciality is spots and she is exhibiting at Tate Modern.  There were several fabulous pieces in the exhibition including this room of wonderfully coloured pictures.  The final installation is the “Infinity Mirrored Room –  filled with the Brilliance of LIfe”.  It’s very disorienting – stepping into the room felt like stepping off a precipice (I very bravely let my friend go first!).

Lastly the Golden Spider Silk cape at the V&A is just incredible.  Yes it really is make out of spider silk (apparently it’s difficult to collect spider silk as they have a habit of eating each other) and yes silk really does come out of the spider that golden colour.


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