New fabric

I had a lovely time buying fabric this weekend in London.  First of all I went to Cloth House on Berwick Street where I bought two knits and a piece of linen.  The first knit is 1.6m of quite a thick a grey jersey that I’d like to use for Burda 117a 02/2012.  I have been inspired by Catherine Daze’s wonderful version; her’s is black but I thought I’d go for grey.  The second knit is 1.3m of plain black for skirt 118 in the current (03/2012) version of Burda  There seems to be a lot of fabric here for such a small skirt!  Lastly I bought 2.5m of some beautiful, silver grey linen.  Silver grey is one of my favourite colours.  I’m not sure what to do with it yet but I have been inspired by a Japanese book I have (in French) called “Jolies Robes Toutes Simples” by Machiko Kayaki.

I then went on to John Lewis in Oxford Street to buy some haberdashery items.  Usually I don’t think much of John Lewis’s fabric selection but this time I found 1.3m of  blue stripy chambray which will be perfect for skirt 128, also from this month’s Burda.

Lastly I went to Raystitch in Islington.  Have you been there?  It is a lovely shop, they sell the best cakes and coffee and have a great selection of fabrics and patterns.  I chose 1.8m of liberty print jersey (in fact it was the end of the roll so I think I got about 2m) in black and cream.  I would like to use this to make V1257 and DKNY dress.  I’ve had a go at this pattern once before and came horribly unstuck as the arms are cut very narrow.  Having read various pattern reviews I now realise I’m not alone in having had problems but stitches and seams version is very nice so I’d like to have another go.


7 thoughts on “New fabric

  1. I’ve never been to any of the London fabric shops, though I usually come up to get my hair cut (I’m about 45 mins away, in Bucks). There are no good fabric shops anywhere near here, which frustrates me. I get all my fabric online. I agree that John Lewis can be a bit rubbish for fabric nowadays (my nearest is Milton Keynes). I really must make the effort.

    Catherine’s dress is really cool isn’t it? Everything Catherine makes is cool and stylish! That’s a great Burda pattern, but I don’t think much of this month’s, apart from a couple of things.

    • You must tell me which online shops you get your fabric from. You seem to have made some really nice choices. I like the shops in Berwick Street – there’s a really good selection and, because they cater to the theatre trade, they also have some whacky and unusual items.

      Yes agree about Catherine’s clothes – very stylish!

  2. Hi Jane…my second response crossed with yours!

    I get almost all my fabrics on ebay. However, the crazy yellow and red batik was from a market in Oxford. It looks pretty but it’s not very good quality.

    The ebay shops I use are: Organic Fabrics. They tend to sell interesting fabrics (mostly Voyage overstocks) – Gino is very helpful and will always send samples. I also buy from Minnerva Fabrics. They do a varied selection. For my liberty cottons I usually go to Fellabird. Good prices and great service. Iana-fabrics have a VERY interesting (to me!) selection of fabrics. And Tia Knight for lycras and jerseys and double-knits. (These are all e-bay sellers).

    Or for more variety on the Liberty front (but not on ebay) I shop online at Shaukat. They will sell by the half metre and last time I ordered (very recently) the delivery was so fast I don’t quite know how it was possible!

    Hope that helps!

  3. I have been sewing for years and thought I knew everything about it. So I got a real surprise last year when I went to Goldhawk Road London. I had read on line that there were fabric shops there. Well, I was amazed. So much choice – incredible!! I also like to buy from Tia fabrics ( lots of stretch jerseys) on eBay. I have never been disappointed. I will now search out Alice’s recommendations. Trouble is since I got my iPad I spend too much time reading blogs and no time sewing!

    • I find that too – isn’t technology a wonderful way to waste time. Yes Goldhawk Road is wonderful but a little overwhelming if you aren’t sure of what you are doing.

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