Pencil Skirt

I could do with a new skirt for work. Some weeks ago I bought a length of gorgeous wool/herringbone cashmere/wool mix tweed (from Borovick fabrics) and have decided to make it into a curvy, pencil skirt.  The pattern is 109 from Burda 11/2011.

This is the first Burda pattern I will have made and I’m hoping it will be precursor to a lot more!

I traced the pieces last night and can see why people find Burda frustrating. At one point I was tracing a piece I could have sworn belonged to my pattern only to find I had just drawn a sleeve!

The waistband has just one piece across the front and the same on the back.  As my fabric has stripes I have decided to cut these pieces up the middle and lay them on the bias so I get a chevron effect across the waist.

I have some very dull black lining fabric but I’m going fabric shopping this weekend (whoop!) so may try to find something prettier.  I’d like to use a different fabric on the inside of the waistband as I’d prefer not to have the wool next to my skin.

Do you think this will work?


4 thoughts on “Pencil Skirt

  1. Hi Jane

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my dresses.

    I get Burda mag every month on a subscription but so far have never made anything up from it. I see things and think they’re lovely but I just feel too lazy to bother doing all that tracing. I really don’t like cutting patterns out at the best of times (boring bit). One day I will go crazy and attempt something. I did laugh quite wickedly when you said you traced a sleeve by accident…at least I know what to expect when I have a go.

    I will come back to check on your skirt…I bet it will be really cool.

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