New Look 6000

I’m nothing if not ambitious.  I wanted to make a red dress in wool and decided to go with New Look 6000, the version with the sunray darts just like the front of the pattern.

There have been masses of good reviews of this pattern and Scruffy Badger has even run a frock fest on it.

I found some lovely red wool crepe in Borovick Fabrics in Berwick St along with some grey lining fabric.  Although the pattern does not call for a lining I can’t imagine wearing a dress like this without lining, particularly one made of wool (can you imagine the itching?). I’ve not had any experience of lining dresses but I reckoned I could make it up as I go along.

Having made Simplicity 2362 and found a 14 on the large side I cut a 12 in the toile.  Unfortunately this was a little tight across my back so I added half a centimetre to each of the centre back seams.  The pleats on the front looked a bit odd but I recked that that was due to the calico being quite stiff (I was right they look fine in the crepe).

So I made up the dress and then made a separate version in the lining fabric. For this I used the pattern pieces for view A which have straight darts.  I then attached the lining fabric to the front facing and flipped it inside the dress. At this point I realised I needn’t have made the collar facings I could have just used the lining. Some handstitching along the shoulder seams and around the armscyes locked it into place.  Lastly I made some dress guards which, on some very small poppers, I installed in the dress (a dress that needs to be dry cleaned every time you wear it is very impractical).

The pattern called for adding hooks and eyes to the collar, but I decided these were unnecessary as I prefer the slightly lower neck line.  Also my collar is very floppy so I’m not sure it would stand up properly.

I was a bit unhappy about the fit but Scruffy Badger and Allison gave me some good advice and it’s better than it was.

Sorry about this dodgy photo.  I couldn’t find a better one for now.

So what I love about this – the fact that I managed to work out how to put in the lining, the red colour and the darts.

What I don’t love; still not sure the fit is quite as good as it could be – but it’s getting there.  High necklines usually don’t suit me so maybe that’s part of the problem. Also in future I will use stiffer interfacing on the cuffs (which sag a bit) and possibly a bit of interfacing on the collar.


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