Summer dresses part one

So I promised to tell you about a few things I have made.

First up was the “Study Hall Skirt” by Anna Maria Horner

This was the first garment I had sewn for a very long time.  Living on the outer edge of Suffolk (and indeed England) fabric shops are a bit hard to come by but I managed to get some quilting fabric.  The shop only had four or five different fabrics so I had to take what was available. The pattern calls for a contrast fabric to be used on the inner pleats but I thought that would be too much so I just used the contrast on the hem edge.

OK the good bits:  The pattern instructions were easy to follow and I managed to put the skirt together well including the invisible zip. For an absolute novice I guess this isn’t bad going.

The bad bits:  Well the quilting fabric is too stiff for the skirt and as a result it sticks out after you’ve sat down.  The waistband is higher than I expected; I would have preferred it to sit a little lower than it does. The instructions for finishing the seams said to use a zig-zag stitch which to my eye just looks untidy

The ugly:  Well you can see – the pattern is just too loud and the contrast doesn’t really go with the main fabric.

This one will stay in the cupboard until I get around to throwing it out!

Second up was this dress

Sorry about the dodgy photo.

I made this at a Make Lounge course.  The course itself was very basic (probably a bit too basic)  but it gave me confidence and I did learn how to apply bias binding trims to edges.

The good bits:  I love the fabric and the style is so easy to wear.  It’s much more girly than I would normally wear but occasionally that’s good. The green doesn’t look too horrific with my  extraordinarily pale skin (always a problem with sleeveless garments).

So all good, no bad and no ugly this time.


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