Mon Atelier

This is the lovely work room I had made for me last year.

The table is on castors (from Ikea) which means it can be swung out into the room when I am cutting out fabric. I can also wheel it under the window if I want to use the natural light.

The shelves have big red boxes (also from Ikea) which hold fabric, notions and patterns. At present all my smaller tools are in jam jars, this isn’t very convenient and makes for an untidy look. I am planning to get a small filing cabinet like the one sew incidentally has. It too will have wheels so I can make best us of the space.

Out of the picture I have an ironing board and a small wooden trunk on which I have stacked books and a radio.

The room is at the top of the house and there are lovely views over the surrounding fields.

I love the fact that I can spread my work out and not have to clear up until the end of the day. I also love that it’s organised with everything to hand.


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