Knitting and what’s on my needles

Jane suddenly realised that she had written all these blog posts but nowhere mentioned knitting.  “How can that be?” she mused, after all knitting had been a passion for most of her life. A misspent youth had involved lots of late nights wrestling with the intricacies of cables, lace, intarsia and fair isle. As she got older her knitting pattern library and wool stash grew and grew along with the sweaters, until she was force to move house.  More recently her knitting heros included Ysolda, Kate and Kim and she was finding she spent more time on Ravelry than any other website.

OK, you get the picture.

This is a dress I am very proud of.  Kaffe Fasset (another hero!) produced something very similar in last winter’s Rowan magazine.  His dress however was huge, even the smallest size would have given me 10 inches of ease around the chest.  Also I didn’t think the collar on his dress was very flattering.  The colours were lovely but the pattern looks as if it would be a pig to follow (I like simple things where you can get the rhythm and not have to refer back to the pattern too often).  Also I wasn’t sure I could cope with stranding three colours of yarn.  I was taught to knit by a Swede so I knit Viking style (yarn in my left hand) but can also knit English style (yarn in my right hand) so stranded knits in two colours are easy as I keep the yarns separate by holding them in different hands.

Anyway to make the dress I used exactly the same colours as the Kaffe Fasset dress (it’s the colours he always does so well) but reworked the pattern so it was much simpler; only using a max of two colours in any one row and making the pattern repeats more regular.

I knit the whole thing in the round, starting from the top and knitting downwards so I could try it on as I went.  I worked out my tension and then worked out my circumference every two inches down my body and using these figures calculated the number of stitches I would need at any one time.

I finished by cutting down the centre (which had been steeked) and adding the collar you can see.  The hems on the sleeves and at the bottom have a picot edging and an extra inch or so was turned under to stop the fabric from curling up.

It’s a lovely, cosy dress and I’ve worn it a lot this winter.

So what’s on my needles now?

Well this cropped cardigan from Kim Hargreaves called Gabriella. I am making it in pink and am hoping it will be finished for the summer.


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