A Serious Dress for Work

I work in a corporate environment and have to dress appropriately; fitted suits, smart dresses and heels.  I’m probably overly fussy but I often find it difficult to get clothes that fit well, are of the right level of quality, don’t need dry cleaning every time I wear them and have sleeves .  I’m hoping that sewing will help me pull together a few outfits which are suitable and a bit different.

I bought some wool suiting fabric from Goldhawk Road and I thought I’d use it to make view B Vogue 8413.  I like the sleeves on this pattern, the cowl neck and the belt.  Unfortunately it doesn’t come with instructions for lining – why? I can’t imagine wearing a dress like this without lining.

The toile came together quickly and fitted beautifully with no adjustments.  I then started on the actual dress and this is where I started having problems.  The first thing was deciding how to put a lining in a dress that doesn’t have a neck facing (I’d worked out how to do it with facings on my red dress).  Eventually I decided to partially underline the bodice – it’s a bit of a botched job but looks quite neat.  The rest of the lining will l have to be hand sewn in later.

The real problem however has been the sleeves.  I know how to put in sleeves, my Mother taught me years ago – although I can remember her getting a bit stroppy with me when I asked if there was an easier way to do it!  Also I’ve read all the tutorials on line, checked in a million sewing books and put sleeves on the toile.  So why is it after 7 attempts I cannot get the sleeves on this dress in?  To be fair attempt 7 is better than attempt 6 and so on but I still feel they aren’t quite even enough. 

Fortunately I have a lovely friend who used to be a dress maker and she has offered to come to my rescue.  Unfortunately she doesn’t live locally so I will need to find some time to visit her.


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